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belonging to or on behalf of a specified person (especially yourself)


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Over the coming months, CCIS plans to add social media and video features to the website.
P&P: Is it accurate to say CCIS is the liaison between the family or child who needs help and the services that are available locally?
Despite a 500% increase in telephone requests, CCIS now answers 95% of its inquiries in 20 seconds or less thanks to an impressive 30-second savings on each call using automatic name and address capture.
Comcast hopes to have a solution for providing a viable, well- tested wireless LAN option for CCIS.
These include low-cost, low-speed data, telemetry and the CCIS packet, value-added network and information-provider access.
Certus TG will supply both technical infrastructure and a disaster recovery platform for the new CCIS system, using state-ofthe-art data centres in Newport and Blaenavon.
The Acting Prosecutor-General reported that CCIS officers tried to go into Dahyieh several times to look for Mr.
On 25 December 2013, from 730pm - 945pm, deck the halls with the spirit of the holidays and join CCIS as they celebrate their 10th anniversary with a Grand Christmas Concert.
The CCIS reports that the top-100 business groups have seen their total assets grow at a double-digit annual rate for the past two years.
CCIS can generate court calendars, reports and statistics, as well as report collections of fees and remittance of court assessments.
Pure JP switching provides communications between Drerm IP phones and also provides CCIS network connections with up to 255 NEAX 2000 I PS, NEAX 2400 IPX, NEAX IPX-DM and NEAX IPS-DM systems.
CCIS is similar to CCITT 7, and has not acheived widespread use in the DDD network.
The CCIS also predicts that the 100 business groups will boost total revenues from their Chinese operations by NT$1.
Les invites et le public de cette edition seront au rendez-vous avec ces activites dans differents sites d'Agadir, notamment a la salle du Cinema Rialto, la salle des projections et des conferences de la CCIS, l'Universite Ibn Zohr et l'Institut francais d'Agadir.