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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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DETAILS: Takahashi FSQ-106ED astrograph, Moravian G3-16200 CCD camera, and Baader Ha and LRGB filters.
The subject of the contract is the delivery of a CCD camera for the spectral detection of bio-photons.
Canadian scientific camera maker QImaging has launched the Retiga Electro CCD camera, designed to work within the imaging requirements of an electrophysiology system, the company said.
This CCD camera is a specially designed for edge detection system and can be used to raise profiles or semi transparent contrasts on laminated webs.
The FC33Uis one of the most compact non-explosion proof pan-tilt zoom type CCD camera systems on the market today, and is also one of the lightest products employing a stainless steel construction.
Celestron's Nightscape CCD camera and CPC Deluxe HD are two amazing new additions to Celestron's highly successful astro-imaging line.
It incorporates a progressive scan CCD camera with 850,000 pixels, 16X optical zoom, USB 2.
In this article, we introduce a non-contact optical system with one CCD camera, which registers the distortion of a laser wave-front caused by the measured deformed object, and present the possibilities of using this system in the rubber industry.
In combination with the laser spot tool, the CCD camera enables digital pictures to be analyzed and stored.
This reference design will combine Sharp's 1 Mega Pixel CCD camera module, flash memory and liquid crystal module (LCD), together with TI's TCS2100 chipset for GSM/GPRS cell phones and TI's OMAP-DM270 multimedia processor.
This system includes a CCD camera, a 4-inch LCD color monitor, an eyepiece observation lens/Nikon F-mount camera lens adapter, an AC adapter, a tripod adapter, 6' connector cables for VCR connection, and a padded hard case.
In addition, the Department has purchased a Santa Barbara Instrument Group CCD Camera, the SBIG ST-8E, with resolution of 1530 x 1020 pixels.