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(cosmology) the cooled remnant of the hot big bang that fills the entire universe and can be observed today with an average temperature of about 2

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The origins of the Conference on Case-Based Reasoning date from the first European workshop on CBR (EWCBR) held in Kaiserslauterh, Germany, in 1993.
In 2014, CBR generated non-GAAP revenue of USD126 m and adjusted EBITDA of USD45 m.
Subsequently the treated soil samples were tested for UCS and CBR values.
Today, the CBR finally introduced auction-based medium-term refinancing instruments with rates linked to the central policy rate (auction REPO).
Further, more BioMedical ontologies become available, and medical CBR systems can take advantages of these ontologies.
Pillai admitted that for the government, CBR threats so far had been of "low priority importance".
When the CBR resumes its one-year REPO and Lombard auctions on 9 April, the initial rate will be 7.
One of the highlights of the new CBR is its double overhead cam 150cc engine, which produces 17.
CBR 150R has light and compact DOHC 150cc engine which produces peak power of 13.
The aim of the CBR rate increase is to curb the growth of bank credit in the economy, which expanded rapidly in the 2010-11 fiscal year.
In order to build a bridge from CBR policy to practice, WHO initiated the process of developing a CBR Guidelines in close collaboration with key stakeholders.
Until recently, many CBR systems were complex to use and required a lot of effort to adapt to the needs of users.
Initially it will deal in corporate and treasury bonds, but the CBR says it will include other products such as equities in due course.
In its publication, "Russia, Economic and Financial Situation (July 2006)," the CBR also provided statistics on consumer spending.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-22 February 2007-EQT acquires German fashion group CBR Holding GmbH(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.