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counting the number of white and red blood cells and the number of platelets in 1 cubic millimeter of blood

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Here in Vancouver the local CBC outlet uses a panel of partisan political operatives -- one NDP, one Liberal and one Reform -- on a regular basis as means to give balanced political coverage to provincial politics.
CBC had been trading over $8 last summer before it sued Disney.
CBC needed to implement a faster, more cost-efficient network.
CBC chose to partner with PPI since they have the expertise required to implement and support a robust, integrated payment processing service," said Ward Partridge, vice president of marketing and CFO of CBC Computer Systems.
CBC Advisors is committed to aggressive expansion throughout New York," said Lew Cramer, CEO of CBC Advisors.
Furthermore, the CBC notes that it has undertaken, and continues to undertake, efforts to co-operate with all stakeholders in order to arrive at the optimum solution, as soon as possible, in service of the above aims, always in accordance of legislative provisions," the CBC said.
Supporting management structures' to improve the quality of the management and implementation of the ENI CBC programmes and ensure better cooperation between the Member States and the CBC partner countries;
According to CBC Co-Founder James Goodman, “Due to the tremendous growth we've experienced over the past year, we're looking for account executives with inside sales experience to join our team.
Since June last year, the CBC has maintained discount rate unchanged, at 1.
CBC also had success last season with its version of the BBC format "The Week the Women Went," in which the distaff members of a small rural community leave the men to fend for themselves for seven scary days.
The first of 13 Maple Shorts episodes will air Wednesday, April 6 at 4:30 pm on CBC Television.
Either way, says Wynn, people now look at the CBC differently.
CBC is a four-step problem-solving approach (problem identification, problem analysis, treatment implementation, and treatment evaluation) that systematically promotes the active participation of parents in collaboration with school personnel.
CBC Radio launches "This Week at the Movies" with host Gerald Pratley, the first radio program to deal seriously with film appreciation.
CBC Launches New Channel on Stage6; DivX Obtains Rights to a Wide Range of Premium CBC Content Such as Josh Groban Concerts, CBC News: The National, and the DVD "Torino 2006: Canada's Quest for Success"