triple play

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the act of getting three players out on one play

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Of greater note was the dramatic increase in fiber optic products, indicating Texscan's increasing presence as a major supplier of this technology to the CATV and telecommunications industry.
8 million due to improved domestic CATV distribution order input and contracts received for the company's fiber optic systems segment.
Shekou CATV launched VOD earlier this month to subscribers in the Chinese provinces of Shenzhen, Shekou, and Guangdong.
Mark Graff, president of Graff Pay-Per-View, commented, "We are enthusiastic about the opportunity of creating new billing systems and new hardware alternatives for CATV and hotel PPV services.
is vulnerable to quality problems and delays, and this test will demonstrate the capacity of IIJ's backbone to transfer high-quality video, and contribute to IIJ's goal of promoting video transfer technology for universities and research centers as well as CATV broadcasts.
Sync will market Net Insight's products on the markets for CATV, Digital Terrestrial TV (DVB-H and DVB-T) and Triple play in Taiwan.
a company located in Arnhem, the Netherlands, is a major supplier of audio and data distribution systems for the global broadcast satellite and CATV market.
Tal Technologies, LLC began its business as supplier of CATV and telecommunication products in 1984.
RFMD's GaN CATV hybrid amplifiers provide industry-leading RF output levels, and cable operators using RFMD's GaN can reduce the number of amplifiers required in emerging architectures, also known as N+1 architectures, and achieve up to 20-percent cost savings in fiber deep networks.
We are very pleased to add Taizhou CATV to our growing Chinese customer list and are delighted that our Optimate portfolio is leading the acceptance of GPON throughout China.
The number of CATV companies that also offer Web access services more than doubled in the 12-month period through March 31 to more than 200, it said.
The four companies said they expect some 80 affiliated CATV operators to take part in the services by the end of 2003 in a joint attempt to catch up with market leader Jupiter Telecommunications Co.
Electrical codes in most countries require a connection to local earth ground for antenna wiring and distributed CATV wiring.
The New TAT8800 Line is Fabricated Using GaAs Technology to Deliver Performance with Low Noise and is Optimized to Deliver Lower Cost Solutions for CATV Operators
According to the agreement, the CATV Companies have granted DBS a non-exclusive permit for use of their cable subscription lines for the transfer of satellite broadcasts (multi channel television and interactive channels only) and DBS has granted the CATV Companies a non-exclusive permit for use of its subscription lines for the transfer of cable television broadcasts (including any other service provided by the CATV Companies).