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a tomograph that constructs a 3-D model of an object by combining parallel planes

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Using a 64-slice CAT scanner and other imaging modalities can help us make a very rapid diagnosis of whether or not these patients have blockages in their arteries causing a heart attack, blood clots in their lung, or dissection of their aorta.
By taking X-rays from different angles, the CAT scanner built up a 3D image of the mummy and revealed it to be the corpse of boy of about three years old who probably died of pneumonia.
I think most people in the central belt of Scotland would be shocked to realise that there has never been a CAT scanner up here.
And I am very grateful, not just to the nurses, but to the many behind the scenes people involved in caring for cancer patients: pathologists and path-lab technicians, radiologists, radiographers, MRI and CAT scanner technicians, not forgetting my GP and the specialists.
Arkansas Methodist Medical Center of Paragould said it is conducting more medical tests as a result of installing a $1 million CAT scanner in the fall.
The X-ray machine in a local dentist's office costs roughly $80,000, and maintenance costs are considerably less than that of the CAT scanner.
Inampudi speaks of the state of the art diagnostic imaging technology, PET-CT scanner (Positron Emission Tomography and a CAT scanner combined in one machine) at Providence Imaging Center.
Vets are even allowed to use a high-tech CAT scanner worth pounds 20 million on dogs and cats.
Macropore quantification was conducted through a 3-D reconstruction of pore networks from standard two-dimensional matrices generated by the CAT scanner.
Now the CAT scanner can tell them which animal is most likely to pass on the low fat characteristics that butchers and housewives prefer.
In addition to explaining the Breakthrough Strategy, the authors use several examples of specific applications, including Polaroid's development of reagents and GE's CAT scanner tube.
You know, get them all to have one CAT scanner instead of three.
I remember reaching for my keys to the van, and the next thing I know, I was in a CAT scanner at Maine Medical Center," says Mitchell.
Taking advantage of new astronomical instruments capable of detecting cosmic neutrinos, a team of researchers hopes to use these wraithlike particles from space as a planet-size CAT scanner for revealing Earth's inner structure.