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an image produced by scanning


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However, he was given the all-clear after being through the CAT scan at Singleton Hospital in Swansea.
Hopefully, with the growing awareness of this issue, both patients and doctors will become aware of the dangers of casual CAT scan use and begin to limit and keep track of the amount of radiation we are all being exposed to.
He had a CAT scan last night and another this morning to make sure it was not worse," Nathan McClintock said while driving Jesse back to Coos Bay.
I've seen people being wheeled out of Wexford hospital with all kinds of drips hanging out of them and that CAT scan is lying idle a few hundred yards away.
Here's hoping that CAT scans can help dogs in the future.
Medics only spotted the lump on his thyroid gland when Rod went for a CAT scan - and now he is committed to raising awareness and urging people to get checked out.
First and foremost is the deliciously sick Cat Scan Contest at www.
Now this is 1984, and it took them nine days to give me a CAT scan after blunt trauma to the head.
This allowed scientists to map the melt, the seismic equivalent of medicine's CAT scan.
Reporting in Chicago at the annual Radiological Society of North America meeting last December, radiologists from Boston's prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital presented the results of a six-month study of 100 patients diagnosed as having appendicitis, using a special type of CAT scan that they developed.
Beginning with a description of the normal heart's structure and function, he then turns to the diagnosis of heart disease, including the use of such diagnostic tools as echocardiography, coronary arteriography, magnetic resonance imaging, CAT scan, and other current tests.
Moreover, Kendrick's double take of the spiral indicates the horns of the dilemma he is stuck on: on one side we have a "post-Modernized" target--a quotation shadowing the remote, even unreachable goal--and on the other side a cross section of the body, more particularly, a kind of CAT scan of the pelvic bone, a "Modernistic" revelation of primitive bodily structure.
Industrial CAT Scan is Available to Manufacturing Companies
With 4-Dimensional CAT scan treatment planning, physicians are able to obtain a CAT scan while the patient breathes and then analyze the movement of a tumor and/or normal tissue inside the body.
From now on, the thousands of veterans receiving outpatient health care at Sepulveda -- from the San Fernando Valley all the way up to Bakersfield and Santa Barbara -- will have to go over the hill to the West Los Angeles VA for an MRI or CAT scan.