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The rapid growth of CAS REGISTRY is a mirror of the breadth and depth of creativity in research labs throughout the world," said Grace Baysinger, head librarian at the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library at Stanford University.
In its second letter, the DCAA reaffirmed that CAS 415 is applicable to BV costs, but without the wage increases.
EMC Centera's self-managed scalability to petabytes, plug and play installation, lights-out operation, and ability to ensure long-term content authenticity make it a truly unique solution, prompting the creation of an entirely new category of storage in CAS.
Also, with this release, CAS 8 affirms the strategic relationship between CAS and Microsoft.
The substantial growth in worldwide chemical discoveries over the past 10 years is reflected in CAS REGISTRY as shown in Figure 1.
Every day, scientists at CAS curate the chemical content pouring into the CAS databases," said Dr.
CAS databases, including CAS REGISTRY(SM), the "gold standard" for substance information, are curated and quality-controlled by a global team of scientists.
Brian Switzer, CAS Lexington Plumbing Kansas City MO
However, the last sentence of this Article provides the following exceptions to the CAS general rule of confidentiality:
Let's assume CAS freezing to be superior to current freezing technologies.
O'Marra, Chief Counsel of the Ontario Chief Coroner's office, had no representation of the province's CAS.
The article's author, Robert Franzen of Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Materials Chemistry in Finland, was also recognized at the awards ceremony, where the winners received CAS Science Spotlight sculpture.
With CAS, you get fast, affordable online access to your fixed content assets and benefit from faster application development and deployment.
Through Web of Science five CAS libraries and five CAS institutes will acquire access to the ISI Science Citation Index Expanded.
Anagnostou, CNHA, CAS, CALA Anna Bojarczuk-Foy, CAS Mary K.