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Synonyms for caries

soft decayed area in a tooth

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Family context and incidence of dental caries in preschool children living in areas covered by the Family Health Strategy in Salvador, Bahia State, Brazil.
City-level gender differential in the prevalence of dental caries and restorative dental treatment.
To describe the prevalence of dental caries in children with deciduous teeth in urban and rural areas in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and to identify associated factors.
The Brazilian epidemiologic context of the prevalence of dental caries has been following global trends, showing a significant decrease in the number of teeth attacked by caries and lost and growing proportion of children free of the disease in 2010.
Si on se rapporte aux resultats de la derniere enquete epidemiologique realisee en 1999, celle-ci avait revele que: 72% des enfants ages de 12 ans et 97,7% des adultes etaient affectes par des caries dentaires.
Individual and contextual determinants of the prevalence of untreated caries in Brazil.
Algumas limitacoes do uso do CPOD e CEO para diagnostico de carie ja foram apontadas na literatura, tais como: nao retratam perdas do dente por doenca periodontal ou razoes ortodonticas, sao passiveis de interpretacoes distintas dos estagios iniciais de carie por parte dos examinadores, ocorrendo subestimacao quando caries de esmalte nao sao consideradas e nao permitem identificar carie radicular (26).