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the head of a branch of an organized crime syndicate

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Our vision for Confirmit CAPI is to provide companies the same set of unparalleled benefits when measuring the customer experience in a retail store as well as when measuring it online," explains FIRM's VP of Marketing Kjell Oksendal.
A Study of Key Workloads for High Efficiency Compute with POWER8 CAPI and Xilinx FPGA Accelerators" by Lifeng Wang, Wired System Architect at Xilinx
Xilinx recently demonstrated a 36X performance/watt improvement on a Big Data application with an IBM POWER8 system and Alpha Data's CAPI development kit.
Using CAPI to coherently attach FPGA accelerators to the fabric of a POWER8 processor and main system memory make the FPGA appear as simply another core on the POWER8 processor.
Altera is demonstrating its OpenPOWER CAPI Developer Kit with coherent shared memory between an IBM POWER8 CPU and an FPGA accelerator leveraging IBM's Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) and programmed using OpenCL.
Quantity or scope: A similar contract may be entrusted to the holder of the contract pursuant to Article 35 II 6 of the Public Procurement Code where the PLH would need to be extended to a different geographical area from that specified within the CCTP, in case of changes in the scope of the CAPI
The CAPI enabled Order Book performs all feed processing and book building in logic inside a single Stratix V FPGA on the Nallatech P385 card.
Coherent integration of memory through IBM's Power8 CAPI interface allows both host memory and coherent-attached flash to be used as the value store.
Xilinx and Altera FPGA accelerators with CAPI attach - IBM described two CAPI attach accelerator solutions, a memcached Key Value Store showing a 35X power/performance improvement with an order of magnitude latency reduction, and Monte Carlo financial instruments models with a 200X speedup using Altera FPGAs with a CAPI attach.
The provision concerns the surveying missions and built drawings to be performed on the entire territory of the CAPI in the ways and parcels affected by the work programs of management of infrastructure.
NASDAQ: XLNX) today announced it will demonstrate the industry's first key value store acceleration demo based on the IBM CAPI protocol at the IBM Impact 2014 Conference.
The contract is to provide quantitative public opinion research CAPI type, on a group representative of the general adult population of Polish.
CONTACT: Susan Hartzell, CAPIS Media Contact, Integrated Corporate Relations, +1-203-682-8238; or Martin Hakker, Fidessa, +1-212-520-3697, martin.