calcium oxide

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a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

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Many companies that do not currently have a CAO are likely to be adding one to their management roster in the future.
At a minimum, this would include the CAO, but also may include other members of the staff with significant decision-making authority.
The CAO justifies its position by comparing it with the term banking.
CAO abrasive rains are most effective for medium to heavy stock removal on aerospace alloys, carbon steel, nickel-based alloys and some stainless steels.
The CAO needs to determine the specifics of the job and communicate these expectations to all constituencies.
This is a tremendous win for The CAO Group, and we're very thankful to be involved with John Fox and the Louis Vuitton team," said Densen Cao, CEO of the CAO Group.
CAO Lighting values its intellectual property and vigorously enforces its patents to protect its rights.
For more information about CAO Group and its products, please visit www.
Meng Fanqiu, Chief Executive Officer of the CAO, said Being an into-plane fuelling service provider in a major international aviation hub will also go a long way towards achieving CAO's strategic goal of becoming an important aviation fuel service provider at international airports.
CAO is majority owned by by China Aviation Oil Holding Company (CAOHC), which is directly supervised by the central government of China and supplies oil at more than 100 airports in China.
Densen Cao, PhD, President and CEO of the CAO Group.
It has been signed the agreement between CAO and the Horizon Singapore Terminals Private Limited, which will be taken into effect for 3 years as from Sept.
Meanwhile, on Monday CAO will post the offers live online at www.
Our new Pilot Diode Laser is the result of combining advanced technology with our research in working with veterinarians to provide the most effective method for quicker healing and less invasive surgeries for animals at a significantly lower cost," said Densen Cao, CEO and founder of CAO.