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French writer who portrayed the human condition as isolated in an absurd world (1913-1960)


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These design and operation standards include minimum liner requirements for new, expanded, or replacement liners, minimum design criteria for CAMU caps, and corrective action for any releases from CAMUs to groundwater.
Catelli wrote that the order to kill Camus came directly from the then Soviet foreign minister Dmitri Shepilov, angered by an article published in a French magazine in 1957 in which Camus held him responsible for Moscow's decision to send in troops to crush the Hungarian uprising the previous year.
He argues--correctly, I believe--that Camus 'rejects all forms of "leap" or transcendence' (65), but asserts that at a certain point Camus became more open to the idea of working alongside Christians in the struggle against totalitarianism; this turn, Sessler suggests, is exemplified in Camus' portrayal of Father Paneloux in The Plague.
Away from literature, Camus was an avowed opponent of totalitarianism, whether of the Left or Right, having opposed the Nazis in World War 2 and then supporting the Hungarian uprising in 1956 against communist rule.
dumped all this information on Camus right away, breathlessly, one thing
Camus had joined the French Communist Party in 1935 in order to "fight inequalities between Europeans and 'natives' in Algeria," but was later denounced as a Trotskyist and expelled from the Algerian Communist Party.
It is interesting to this reviewer that Camus does not give equal emphasis to how Christianity freed Greek Reason as well as constrained it.
Both Le Clezio and Camus deeply valorize life and the same insatiable joie de vivre, which encourages us to live all of our lives to their fullest, is omnipresent in their meditative essays.
The only Christ that we deserve," as Camus enigmatically and ironically referred to his hero, is offered up as a tribal sacrificial victim, not to placate the whims of a revered god, but to insure the validity of the social structure.
Camus has already spent 142 days in custody after being arrested on July 17.
Albert Camus was an Algerian-born perennial outsider.
Philippe Camus said that he has accepted the invitation to return full-time to the Lagardere group, which owns 30pc of EADS.
Arnaud Lagardere, at the helm of a media group that shares control of a 30% stake in EADS with the French government, has told French newspaper Le Figaro that the choice was simple, with Philippe Camus returning to Lagardere Groupe full-time and Noel Forgeard being nominated with the agreement of the French shareholders to replace him co-CEO of EADS.
Moreover, mesothelioma has been reported in persons with relatively low-dose, nonoccupational exposure to asbestos of brief duration (Anderson 1982; Camus et al.
With ideas drawn from Blaise Pascal, and which were to some extent shared with Corb's contemporaries Camus and Bataille, the architect-hero pursued a rocky political path, supporting one promising fascist group after the next in pre-War Paris.