computer-aided design

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software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing

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Graebert s ARES line of high-quality CAD software provides a choice to CAD users in India.
dwg files could not be read or written by most mobile CAD software on the market.
The Middle East tends to follow European trends in technology and workflow, and studies have shown strong statistic similarities," says Victor Arcos of atOne Software, a Middle East CAD Software provider.
My biggest problem with CAD software is that it's needlessly complex.
PocketCAD PRO is compatible with nearly all desktop CAD software packages including AutoCAD(R) releases 12 through 2000i.
A new CAD software module is said to save mold designers 90% of core/cavity splitting time.
The 3D CAD Software market in North America has also been focusing on emerging small and medium-sized enterprises.
New CAD software for small and medium-sized companies from Advanced Solid Technologies, Inc.
The increased demand for auto components drives manufacturers to adopt CAD software for increased capability to develop quality products.
New developments in CAD software may cut valuable time in mold design and machining.
The CAD Software market in the APAC region has also been witnessing the emergence of cloud-based CAD software.
Now it's accelerating as mold makers race to install more powerful CAD software and hardware.