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a form of carbon having a large molecule consisting of an empty cage of sixty or more carbon atoms

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This makes the C60 autoclave an extremely cost-efficient autoclave ideal for either continuous or periodic sterilising requirements.
The C60 represents our new way of thinking", says Carkeek.
Impact of natural organic matter on the physicochemical properties of aqueous C60 nano-particles.
The Tandberg Codec C60 is based on the same advanced technology as Tandberg's award-winning Codec C90 telepresence engine.
it] could store hydrogen in C60 at a cost two orders of magnitude lower than current technology permits.
To meet the demands of enterprise messaging, the IronPort C60 is designed specifically for the task of e-mail routing.
The first significant pop hit of 1980 (at least from the perspective of appropriation)--and the first cassette single ever--was Bow Wow Wow's festive "C30, C60, C90 Go
The adapter, which connects to the printer's parallel port, can be used with the Epson Stylus C80, C60, Photo 1280, Photo 890 and Photo 820.
The package also includes an MP3 player, a Fuji FinePix digital camera, an Epson Stylus C60 inkjet printer, a Visioneer scanner and a wireless access point with installation of both PCs and the wireless network.
The concept could preview a new four-seat production C60 coupe.
Joining 20 other Ontario Aerospace Exhibitors in Hall 3, Stand C60, Shimco will present its polyimide-based shims in addition to its extensive range of custom manufactured products of solid, laminated, edgebond and tapered shims, laminated sheets and precision machined parts.
Working with carbon molecules called C60, Mentovich has successfully built a sophisticated memory transistor that can both transfer and store energy, eliminating the need for a capacitor.
ICON's Transformer Slide Rail can be used in some of the most extreme soil conditions, up to a maximum depth of 36 feet in C60 soil.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Findings of a new study revealed that a double layer of spherical C60 carbon-molecules, called fullerenes, is an ideal substrate for nanoparticles.