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English writer of novels about moral dilemmas in academe (1905-1980)

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It was the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, popularly known as the GI Bill, in the United States that provided the death knell for the class system that enabled intellectuals such as C.
De haber muerto a los sesenta y cinco anos", apunta C.
There's a sense in which Alloway is hoping for a common culture that goes beyond the increasing bifurcation identified by C.
The offices may be spatially correlated by being placed near the governor's office, or they may be placed in what C.
His theory of evolution lies not on Aristotle constantly compares nature and the products of nature with art and the [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] Although Aristotle was not the last of the era in which the study of nature was in [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] In his controversial Rede lecture presented in Cambridge in 1959, C.
The emphasis on science is interesting in the absence save at the end in Stipe Grgas's essay of the scientific confidence that prompted the Two Cultures debate originally, as if C.
Again, he bears down on the "seriousness" of Robert Frost and, indeed, his less attractive personal qualities: he's no male Grandma Moses and C.
Other topics include: writers such as Evelyn Waugh, Anthony Powell, Philip Larkin, C.
I am reminded of the articles "Recent Thoughts on the Two Cultures" [1962], by C.
As biographical writer, he produced three more books: The Art of Noel Coward, The World of C.
The Human Odyssey Program at Auburn University aims to help students and faculty bridge the gap between science and the humanities that was described by Lord C.
Despite the ubiquity of technology in our lives, few writers have successfully spanned the split between the "two cultures" of science and the humanities that C.