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a byproduct of inflammation

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I went to get a C-reactive protein test as soon as evidence started coming in that one's level of CRP is a good indicator of a high risk for cerebral vascular accidents.
The high-sensitivity C-reactive protein test measures protein levels that increase with the amount of inflammation in coronary arteries.
The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) III provided information only on the upper ranges of the C-reactive protein distribution (5, 6) because the C-reactive protein test used in that survey had a lower detection limit of 3.
Bush underwent the C-reactive protein test, and given the Chief Executive's exemplary exercise regimen, it comes as no surprise that he passed with flying colors.
Medicare won't pay for a C-reactive protein test but "once in a lifetime.
A single such blood test identifies these patients, even when serial troponin T levels are undetectable and when creatine kinase MB and C-reactive protein test results are equivocal.