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a canned field ration issued by the United States Army

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Wenc said the men relied primarily on C-rations and K-rations for food.
Rummaging through an old Azusa storeroom, Hunemiller recently discovered old Civil Defense materials that included a book listing hundreds of fallout and bomb shelters and 55-gallon drums filled with K- and C-rations, medicines and other survival supplies.
He started his renovation by removing an old coal-burning fireplace, dismantling the bathroom stalls and getting rid of barrels of C-Rations (pre-cooked food kept in case of emergency) he discovered in the basement.
A mile or so down the freeway, an Army truck lost a couple of pallets of C-rations on a tight turn.
Loosely war-related items (bivouac equipment, mainly) assault senses: snakebite suctioncups, sewer purifier tablets, icefishing tackle, bedrolls, tarpaulins, trampolines, roundball slammajammas (8-foot hoops), ABA-style (patriotically colored) basketballs, Uecker-endorsed softball bats, tetherball maypoles, odd-ended 2-wheeler componetry (28" spokes, non-metric spindles, freewheel cogpullers, odometers), X-C ski-skates, C-rations, porta-shovels, portosans, female-adaptable urinary appendages, tent-size trousers, trouser-pack tents, amber insect tomb keyrings, quartz ID-kits, novelty micecubes, Groucho-style x-ray specs, vacupac spam-carved maggot farms, Armour Star Cookbooks Vols.
Waves of American, Polish and Russian soldiers swept through the area, and the children traded socks for the soldiers' C-rations.
That's when they'll realize they are stuck with a month's supply of C-rations, bottled water, and an expensive home generator they were conned into buying by those midnight radio talk show alarmists that got rich milking the Y2K scare for all that it was worth.
It was theorized perhaps eating C-rations was the cause.
When you're eating cold c-rations and drinking warm beer and you're covered with the red dirt of Vietnam, a "letter" is something real, and you never forget that.
According to Collins, C-rations consisted of two cans for each meal: one with some kind of hash, beans or stew and the other with dried biscuits, instant coffee and powdered milk.
We worked on the airfield on Tinian for five months, and subsisted for almost three months exclusively on C-rations.
Imagine having to bed down in those conditions and trying to keep a weapon dry and living for weeks on C-rations.
And as far as you can see through the desert haze, faded Army tanks and Jeeps stand as if the drivers had just set the brakes and gone to wolf down a quick lunch of C-rations or catch a fitful nap.
Sadly, I've spent too long on C-rations in Korea and with the Canadian Army and am hooked on coffee.