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a canned field ration issued by the United States Army

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Bonus: Which trivia originator loved cold C-ration ham and lima beans?
Breakfast usually consists of a selection from his C-ration pack (ham and lima beans, beans with pork, hamburger patties or any one of a dozen varieties.
He remembers that one happy Chinese had just enjoyed a can of C-ration peaches, and eagerly sampled a large spoonful from another container, which turned out be a tin of heating fuel.
One contained heated C-ration cans, the other we used to make our instant coffee.
This is the identification code name for the C-Ration can opener, that little hinged metal doohickey which most of us wore beside our dogtags.
While C-Rations undoubtedly had a high calorific value (the author gained almost 80 pounds during the eighteen months that they constituted most of his diet), they tended towards monotony.
C-rations could be eaten cold, heated over sterno cans or solid fuel "tommy-cookers" or, in bulk, immersed in dixies of boiling water until they were hot.