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a clamp in the shape of the letter C

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At the bottom of the receiver ring is a massive steel block that's part of the C-clamp arrangement that doubles as a recoil lug.
Be absolutely sure that the parts are tightly clamped together with the C-clamp when setting these rivets.
Ganz and associates50 introduced the C-clamp as a tool to rapidly stabilize posterior pelvic ring fractures in hypotensive patients.
What is unusual is you don't have to almost use a crowbar to release it, a C-clamp to re-close it, and after about 40 repetitions of this process, the back plate wasn't permanently skewed and loose.
The secondary support is made from a shelf bracket attached to the focuser board, which is held in position with a C-clamp.
The RLM Series magnifying lamp is available in two models, a standard C-clamp mount and a freestanding mobile unit.
The size of a C-clamp is measured by its capacity--the dimension of the largest object the frame can accommodate with the screw fully extended.
I C-clamp the press to the nearest convenient work surface.
The sturdy base comes with a C-clamp that stabilizes it against a picnic table (or, with a handy attachment, your rear bumper), and a powerful gear system and ergonomic handle allow you to blend at high and low speeds.
I shouted, pointing to a small blade whose root was snagged into an angle that had been created with pieces of steel plate and a C-clamp.
The RG Stabilizer is a simple bolt-on that can be installed in under 30 minutes with a floor jack, C-clamp and adjustable wrench.
While a small C-clamp would fit, the bar clamp handle wouldn't even begin to fit.
After attaching the stabilizer to the surgical table with a standard C-clamp, users simply suspend the tongue blade or laryngoscopy adapter from the device's horizontal arm and adjust to the desired position.
Mounting devices include track, canopy, busway and c-clamp.
Fluid removal was at best an educated guess using a c-clamp and positive pressure.