C-reactive protein

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a byproduct of inflammation


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Sreenivasabalu; Detection of C-RP in CSF for Rapid diagnosis and differentiation of pyogenic meningitis from other diseases of central nervous system.
2(b), RPs are divided into E-RPs (the four blue circles) and C-RPs.
We define RSS values at each RP from an AP as the last attribute, which are known at C-RPs and unknown at E-RPs, so the incomplete information system is obtained.
The scale of E-RPs and C-RPs significantly affects the accuracy of the data completing system.
In addition to the glucose-lowering effects of the MPCs, there was a direct correlation between reductions in fasting blood glucose levels over time and reductions in C-RP, suggesting that MPC therapy may be cardioprotective in Type 2 diabetic patients.