C-reactive protein

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a byproduct of inflammation


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Roger etal [1] showed that high sensitive C reactive protein is a useful marker in detection of early stages of acute ischemic stroke and the results correlated with our study.
Roger et al 1showed that as the value of C reactive protein goes on increasing the prognosis gets more and more worsened.
in a study showed that levels of high sensitive C reactive protein on second day of stroke were satisfactory higher in those patients who died within 1-10 days than those in surviving patients.
Baidoshvili A, Nijmeijer R, Lagrand WK, Hack CE, Niessen HW Localisation of C reactive protein in infarcinod tissue sites of multiple organs during sepsis.
The significance of circulating levels of both cardiac troponin I and high-sensitivity C reactive protein for the prediction of intravenous thrombolysis outcome in patients with ST segment elevation myocardial infarction.