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a continuation of the Roman Empire in the Middle East after its division in 395

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As for studies in the field of history, Nevra Necipoglu provides a brief information on the history of studies of Byzantine history in Turkey in her "Turkiye'de Bizans Tarihciliginin Dunu, Bugunu ve Sorunlari"["The Past, the Present and the Problems of the Study of Byzantine History in Turkey"] (2003).
A number of buildings, monuments and other archaeological remains have been exposed, documenting the monumental aspect of the Hellenistic, Roman and early Byzantine history of the town.
This travel memoir follows Kostash from Edmonton through the Balkans, where she comes to a deeper understanding of both her own Ukrainian roots and broader Byzantine history through research into an elusive, fourth-century Christian martyr.
Except for an occasional mention of the Fourth Crusade, which resulted in the sack of Constantinople and is thus impossible to ignore in Byzantine history, there is little mention of the Crusades as either a strategic problem or an opportunity.
The academic study of Byzantine history, the preserve of a rather inbred community, requires mastery of difficult medieval Greek, the intricacies of Orthodox theology, and other esoteric specialties.
This beautifully illustrated and produced volume is an insightful and systematic study of the life of the Jaharis Gospel Lectionary and a significant contribution to the field of Byzantine history and codicology.
But isn't Europe called upon to recognize that the question of Turkey's membership is also the question of its own identity, and that to force Turkey back onto itself, to the point of blocking even the memory of its Greek, Roman, and Byzantine history, is to sentence it to confining that identity to the sphere of the stripe of Islam that is at loggerheads with democracy?
Tombs The capital Nicosia and second largest city Limassol are fascinating and boast remainders of the island's Byzantine history.
Encyclopaedic prosopographical lexicon of Byzantine history and civilization; v.
Inspired by the questions of curious construction workers, Judith Herrin, professor of Byzantine studies at King's College, London, has written a "different" Byzantine history for readers seeking a first exposure to Byzantium.
Michael Angold, professor emeritus of Byzantine history at the University of Edinburgh, has done a magnificent job of touching on the highlights of Eastern Christianity in its many forms, including the Oriental churches not in full communion with the Eastern Orthodox churches.
Speaker: Paul Denis, associate curator of Greek, Etruscan, Roman, and Byzantine history, Department of World Cultures, ROM.
By night, he writes and stars in his own series of podcasts--12 Byzantine Rulers--covering 1,200 years of Byzantine history, from the reign of Diocletian in 284 to Constantine XI in 1453.
Since undergraduate surveys of Byzantine history are not published often, Timothy Gregory's new textbook fills an important gap in the contemporary offerings.
Word about the transformation of the church interior has been spreading and many have asked to see it, including a group of local Jewish children studying Byzantine history.