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English organist and composer of church music


explorer and United States naval officer

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BYRDS is open to young riders aged from six years old to 25, no matter what their ability, and nurtures children from grassroots level right though to National competitions.
And although McGuinn would not get back with the rest of The Byrds, he is appreciative of what they achieved.
We loved the Beatles and they loved The Byrds, and we were sharing influences.
Not surprisingly it was the Byrds songs such as Mr Tambourine Man, 8 Miles High and Turn Turn Turn which drew the most applause, the latter prompting the first of two justly deserved standing ovations.
Some of Barnhart's songs are also tender solo introspections in the style of Leonard Cohen - although Little Yellow Spider's lyrics are like a nursery rhyme - while others are country rockers similar to The Byrds.
Adams grew up in the liberal college town of Ann Arbor listening to the Byrds and Pink Floyd with his father.
In addition, the Byrds educate investors about real estate opportunities under their parent company, Fortress Investment Group L.
They actually owe more to the likes of The Byrds and Bob Dylan than Lennon and McCartney.
At one point he claims the Byrds were the third most influential band ever, behind the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, an assertion that readers will be thrilled to encounter, no matter their opinion of the group, since it's at least promising fodder for a good argument.
Alone on stage is the founder of the legendary Byrds.
The most famous case of body-snatching in the history of rock 'n' roll is that of Gram Parsons, the highly regarded singer and guitarist who played with the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers and influenced the Rolling Stones and the Eagles, among others.
Columbia has found an interesting item in its vaults, a live set by the Byrds aggregation that recorded Dr.
Mr Tambourine Man, written by Bob Dylan, is taken to No 1 by the Byrds - and the Yardbirds create an anthem with their track For Your Love.
Their dark-toned but somehow optimistic tunes refract the Stones, Creedence Clearwater, Otis Redding, the Byrds, the Standells, Television, the Sex Pistols and others sometimes in a single song-with appropriately skewed genius.
As an added bonus, the event will feature a performance by 'The Byrds Celebration', featuring former 'Byrds' front man Terry Jones Rogers.