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a familiar name for a person (often a shortened version of a person's given name)

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Individual characteristics sometimes turned into nicknames, which sometimes then turned into the byname by which a person was known.
SEBASTIANO DEL PIOMBO (1485-1547), used the byname of Sebastiano Luciani.
Although it is true that 'Gossart', too, has precedents, so do other variant spellings--not to mention the artist's familiar byname of 'Mabuse', derived from his birthplace, Maubeuge.
The Gaelic prefix "mac" means "son of", and "Artain" is a diminutive of the Old Celtic byname "Art", bear, hero.
It's not the most affectionate byname for a party leader, but, incredibly, almost every other line of the song is worse - worse even than the scansion and rhyming.
Pop in and ask for these cocktails byname and they will be happy to make them for you.
Vergelyk veral bladsy 9 en 10 vir voorbeelde van invektiewe, asook die twee Apies se byname (Antie Boudjies en Oom Holletjies) wat beelde oproep van "the human body with its food, drink, defecation, and sexual life" (Bakhtin 1968:18).
To verify a confirmed reservation, ask your training office to provide a screen print of the ATRRS R1 screen, showing byname reservations.
17) The current view is so well established that the possibility is no longer sufficiently considered, that it may be wrong and that HANUM is a late Old English dative singular form of Hana (presumably a byname, 'cock'), recorded, in the genitive Hanan, as an Old English name.
Adam, de la Halle,also known byname Adam le Bossu or Adam the Hunchback (b.
44-40", a byname that has stuck with this cartridge, and has actually overshadowed the load's original destination to become the accepted term in modern times.