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a rule adopted by an organization in order to regulate its own affairs and the behavior of its members

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For your consideration, on the following pages is a redline version of CalCPA's Bylaws, with updates and changes suggested by the Bylaws Committee and approved by the Board of Directors and Council.
Amman, July 27 (Petra)--Health Minister Mahmoud Al Sheyyab said that the Nursing and Midwifery Specialization and Professional Career Ladder Bylaw, which was issued on June 30th, is a step to strengthen the nursing and midwifery profession.
In its February newsletter, the Nebraska Credit Union League board of directors announced that it voted to amend the association's bylaws that would allow credit unions to join either the league, CUNA or both organizations.
Mark Maass, chairman of the Bylaw Committee, thanked those present for bylaw approval, noting that the committee had met for more than three years to prepare the bylaws.
First, Section 109(b) of the DGCL permits an exclusive forum selection bylaw because it allows a corporation's bylaws to "contain any provision, not inconsistent with law or with the certificate of incorporation, relating to the business of the corporation, the conduct of its affairs, and its rights or powers or the rights or powers of its stockholders, directors, officers, or employees.
As provided in the GNA Bylaws the offices to be elected in 2015 are:
Yet, the Bylaws we have been operating under state that only the board of directors can amend the Bylaws.
On behalf of the National Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses, this letter provides notice to all members of the proposed revision to the association's current constitution and bylaws and the changes under the new Canada Not-For-Profit Act.
Continued update of bylaws with Election Committee language in appropriate sections.
The county is poised to approve a new cemetery bylaw that will allow inscriptions and etchings on the back of headstones.
The Egyptian Student Union will have the ultimate decision on the passing of the bylaws.
This direction and possible limitation to your practice in the inpatient setting is spelled out in the Medical Staff Bylaws of your employing facility.
Bylaws provide the structure and governance of an organization and should be a dynamic document that reflects actual practice.
We have been working on the finer details of the law which are now ready," said Dr Wedad Al Maidoor, Head of the National Tobacco Control Committee at the Ministry of Health who presented the final version of the bylaws to higher official at the ministry last month.
The bylaws election is closed and all the ballots are in.