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a rule adopted by an organization in order to regulate its own affairs and the behavior of its members

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Haggerty also reminded PHILTA that ITF is still expecting a full response to the issues raised in its October 20, 2017 letter such as the amendment of by-laws, submission of reports on the tennis activities and accomplishments in the past 3 years, among other concerns.
The meeting also reviewed the executive by-law as well as BCCI's programmes for the rest of its term and measures to get more involved with the private sector and ways to support the national economy.
Following the ground breaking move by Nuneaton, other authorities also repealed the by-law to enable them to have outdoor condom vending machines.
When is this by-law going to be enforced and why should the rest of us have to put up with piles of disgusting, germ-ridden dog waste on our beaches?
The internal by-law will organise the work of the parliament.
Mayor Eddy commented that the current zoning by-law still used the term estate residential.
In 2010 as part of the approval process for the redevelopment of Lansdowne, Council approved the repeal of the heritage designation by-law of the Horticulture Building and the relocation of the building.
BIRMINGHAM'S attempt to pass a by-law banning "chuggers" from the city centre has been blocked by the Government.
b) to consider and pass a new general by-law for the Corporation.
The London borough applied to Mr Pickles to be given provisional approval to bring in a by-law to bring a stop to spitting in public "without reasonable excuse" and the council has now been given the go-ahead to proceed.
CHUGGERS' are set to be banned from Birmingham city centre after councillors backed a new by-law.
Abu Dhabi: Parents across the UAE have expressed their hopes that a by-law banning smoking in cars in the presence of children 12 years and younger will soon be passed.
The council's environmental scrutiny committee has recommended the introduction of a new by-law principally to cater for cyclists.
Tobacco companies have been given an ultimatum of three months to carry graphic warnings on cigarette packs being sold in the UAE, even as a stringent by-law of the Federal Tobacco Law will come into effect by the year-end, a top official of the Ministry of Health told XPRESS.
The British Olympic Association's by-law that imposes a lifetime ban on any athlete found guilty of doping is expected to be overturned by the CAS later this week.