Buzzards Bay

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an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in southeastern Massachusetts

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We thank the employees of the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries that helped sample tautog in Buzzards Bay.
Beginning in 1999 their winter months were spent on the Cape in Falmouth and Buzzards Bay.
mercenaria were hand collected by scuba divers at a water depth of 15 m July 2010 from Buzzards Bay, Woods Hole, Cape Cod, MA (41.
We stopped by the Westport Winery and Buzzards Bay Brewery for a well-earned tasting session.
Attempting to prevent future incidents like the Bouchard's grounding, Massachusetts passed MOSPA, "An Act Relative to Oil Spill Prevention and Response in Buzzards Bay and Other Harbors and Bays of the Commonwealth.
Buzzards Bay could be headed for a clash with Lava Man, who is expected to bid for third consecutive victory in the 1-mile classic.
The Buzzards Bay area is known to have the warmest waters north of Virginia because of warm water eddies from the Gulf Stream, with water temperatures ranging from a summer maximum of 71.
Coral: 5-4 Bernardini, 5 Invasor, 7 Lava Man, 12 Discreet Cat, 14 David Junior, Suave, Electrocutionist, 20 Sun King, Flower Alley, Jazil, 33 Bandini, Buzzards Bay, Comentator, Giacom.
The river is a tidal body which discharges into Buzzards Bay of this Cape Cod seaside community.
Susan Reid comes to CLF from the Coalition for Buzzards Bay where she worked in a variety of advocacy roles for the past two years.
Returning to Massachusetts, she began working for the Coalition for Buzzards Bay a community-based conservation and education organization.
The sites sampled were the inshore waters of eastern Long Island Sound (n = 4), Rhode Island (n = 13), Buzzards Bay (n = 7), Cape Cod Bay (n = 3), and Maine (n = 4), and the offshore waters of New Hampshire (n = 5).
has announced it received top honor (gold winner) in the 2003 Summit Creative Awards[R] competition for its outstanding creative work for the Buzzards Bay Brewing Wireless Fishing Game (www.
Christopher Brisson was born and raised on Buzzards Bay in
The Cape Cod Canal was opened, connecting Cape Cod Bay and Buzzards Bay.