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a power saw that has a steel disk with cutting teeth on the periphery

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com, the Havok logo and the buzz-saw logo are trademarks of Havok.
Jeremy Hutchinson, R-Little Rock, ran into a buzz-saw from those special-interest groups when he introduced a bill merely requiring the state Education Department to study the cost savings that could be achieved through administrative consolidation.
This diminutive Brooklyn-born grandma with the buzz-saw bark and withering glare is the Jesse Ventura of court TV.
or is the behavior already there and sometimes African Americans get run into this cultural buzz-saw, in much the same way that they can run into racist whites here who have a pre-existing sense of how they must be?
Quoted by many as "futuristic" because of its buzz-saw wheels, boomerang-shaped headlights, curvier body that complements its new Nissan V-motion grille and LED headlamps that have been created to produce and mimic the glow given off by natural daylight.
At 56kg, Golden Gloves buzz-saw Marcel Braithwaite forced a standing count of Knowsley Vale''s Louis Jacobs en route to winning the regional final.
GANG OF FOUR Festival Marquee - Thursday April 28, 8pm, pounds 12 In their first performance in Northern Ireland for many years the politically motivated rock group will give the Belfast audience a night to remember, with their grooving musical style and buzz-saw guitar.
Put it this way, if it had not been for the vuvuzelas, which forever will be the buzz-saw soundtrack of this World Cup, at times there would have been a deathly silence around the stadium.
Pork-pie hat-wearing bassist Pete Turner and drummer Richard Jupp with keyboard player Craig Potter helped create an atmospheric, spacey feel to proceedings whilst guitarist Mark Potter's soaring guitar cut like a knife through butter complementing brilliantly Garvey's '70s buzz-saw sounding occasional lead in a performance that was first class.
Nearly two decades later, Vernon Reid, Living Colour's leader and buzz-saw guitarist, still has something on his mind.
Anyone who reckons that buzz-saw guitars and rattling drums are the only thing Green Day are capable of should have a listen to their latest offering, the American Idiot album.
According to the alternative weekly Los Angeles New Times, folks can play with Suffering Bob, "an obese amputee with what looks like the gimp from Pulp Fiction busting out of his crotch," as well as Feverish, "another fat man, lying in a pool of mucus while giving birth to worms," and Camille Noir, "an angel with wings of flayed skin and a buzz-saw blade embedded in her forehead as a halo.
Perhaps it was just the frenetic buzz-saw guitars firing out garage riffs with studied nonchalance.
The buzz-saw chords in songs such as "Me Myself Inside" are spurred by strong vocals, broken up by melodic runs that demand the bass and drums to pound in high-energy unison.