word of mouth

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gossip spread by spoken communication

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Tina Wells of the youth marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group, said Apple had done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but she didn't think that they are connecting with Millennial kids.
The trend in the buzz marketing communication is involving of positive information about product in the conversation of two or more people at the public place.
PromoDigital is the premier Italian buzz marketing agency and boasts a unique position in the transalpine market, allowing advertisers to communicate with the blogosphere and make use of the numerous opportunities that exist in social networking.
The petition specifically focused on P&G, arguing that "the Commission should carefully examine the targeting of minors by buzz marketing, because children and teenagers tend to be more impressionable and easy to deceive.
Strictly speaking, buzz marketing is the practice of producing positive opinion about a product or service (creating a buzz).
The event, organised by the IPR Midlands Group in conjunction with the IPR's Marketing Communications Group, featured a thought-provoking presentation by Justin Kirby, of London-based Digital Media Communications, on the practical application of online viral and buzz marketing.
Arkansas Children's Hospital at Little Rock scored what may be the ultimate buzz marketing with "ICU: Arkansas Children's Hospital," a four-part miniseries that first aired on ABC in 2002.
Blogs are a logical step in buzz marketing or anti-marketing, if left unchecked.
They call it buzz marketing, and it works like this: Find people who look like your customers.
Previously, she worked at Chicago-based Buzz Marketing Solutions Provider where she was a senior research analyst.
Tina Wells, CEO and Founder of Buzz Marketing Group, which helps clients build prosperous connections with the youth market; and
We are very thrilled that mobile check-in has proven to be so wildly popular and wanted to show our appreciation by celebrating Hunter and Tina as the millionth mobile check-in guests," said Jennifer Utz, vice president, buzz marketing & partnerships, Marriott International.
Now, 'The Joneses' is bringing stealth marketing, also called undercover or buzz marketing, to the big screen
Buzz Marketing Group helps companies learn how to reach one of the few groups that still have disposable income--teens.
Wells is the chief executive of Buzz Marketing Group, a firm that specializes in marketing to adolescents and whose clients include American Eagle, Steve Madden, Nike, Aveda and Columbia Records.