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the act of purchasing back something previously sold

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While stock buybacks help lift the market, shareholders should ask themselves if the price appreciation has been worth the cost in lost capital.
But a closer look at this market notion shows that an increase in EPS from buybacks does not necessarily increase the stock price.
Stock buybacks are typically as straightforward as they sound, with the company buying its own shares on the open market with the help of an institution that specializes in such purchases.
Microsoft, P andG and IBM are inclined towards high buybacks while Honda and Toyota are inclined to low buybacks.
Since majority of them are cash-rich PSUs, leveraging cash through buybacks improves shareholders returns.
S&P Dow Jones Indices has reported S&P 500 first quarter 2016 stock buybacks, or share repurchases, increased 12 percent to USD161.
Corporations in Standard & Poor's 500 had buybacks worth $126 billion of stock in the fourth quarter of 2013.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-April 17, 2013-Oriflamea[euro](tm)s SEK350m share buyback programme concludes(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
While presenting its first-quarter results earlier in May, Intesa Sanpaolo said that it made a capital gain of EUR274m on a buyback of Tier-one notes, which represented one of the major contributors for the 22 percent year-on-year increase in quarterly net profit.
Share buybacks are an attractive option in an unpredictable market.
As of Thursday, 1,769 companies had declared plans in 2008 to repurchase shares, the largest number since the current system to facilitate buybacks was introduced through a legal revision in September 2003.
Rut, in general, over the last three years of the buyback boom, the media and analysts have been consistent in their black-and-white reception of buybacks: put simply, buybacks are good.
The idea of a company's buying back its own shares is relatively new to India, but as development continues firms are finding that buybacks can have the effects of adjusting capital structures, boosting profits and earnings per share, deterring impending takeover bids, correcting under-valuation and arresting downward stock prices.
Fisheries buybacks are an important strategy in the global effort to produce a more sustainable and profitable fisheries industry.
Standard & Poor's data shows that stock buybacks in the S&P 500 has increased to $104 billion for the fourth quarter of 2005 from the $66 billion registered during the fourth quarter of 2004.