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a small knife with a dull blade

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The action is the same, but the metalwork is blued and the (previously) signature butterknife bolt handle is replaced with an extended "tactical" bolt handle, a pretty good feature in a hot prairie dog town.
And the Irish Government also had its own superspy at the top of the IRA - codenamed, I hear, Butterknife.
So, she's not even a butterknife in the brains drawer.
May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Butterknife Wives are bringing their amazing contagious rock riffs to Pittsburgh for a night of mayhem and wonder.
With influences ranging in the avenues of Rock, Alternative, Blues, and even other genres such as Celtic, Reggae, and Progressive, Butterknife Wives has a heavy pallet they use to craft their sound.
Butterknife has a bright power-pop sound that's both exhilarating and delectable.
Butterknife performs with the Susan Constant, The Fatal Flaw and Satellites Fall at 9 p.
In addition to the MySpace partnership, Spout will premiere Joe Swanberg's new webseries, Butterknife, exclusively at http://www.
It works about as well with any type of bolt action; 90-degree or short lift, short action or long, conventional bolt handle or butterknife type.