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tropical fish with huge fanlike pectoral fins for underwater gliding

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For example, butterflyfishes and several species of angelfish--including gray, French, blue, queen, and rock beauty--are currently subject to minimum and maximum length restrictions.
Orientation behaviour of butterflyfishes (family Chaetodontidae) on coral reefs: spatial learning of route specific landmarks and cognitive maps.
Large-scale variation in assemblage structure of Red Sea butterflyfishes and angelfishes.
Interactions between trophic levels on coral reefs: scleractinian corals and corallivorous butterflyfishes in Hawaii.
Number of Family Common name species Opistognathidae jawfishes 1 Priacanthidae bigeyes 2 Holocentridae squirrelfishes 1 Pomacanthidae angelfishes 5 Balistidae triggerfishes 3 Pomacentridae damselfishes 5 Labridae wrasses 7 Serranidae sea basses and groupers 23 Chaetodontidae butterflyfishes 3 Malacanthidae tilefishes 2 Sparidae porgies 6 Acanthuridae surgeonfishes 3 Haemulidae grunts 4 Lutjanidae snappers 7 Scaridae parrotfishes 4 Tetraodontidae puffers 2 Mullidae goatfishes 2 Muraenidae morays 2 Carangidae jacks 6 Sphyraenidae barracudas 1 Scombridae mackerels 1 Mean Mean Probability duration number of of being Family (s) individuals seen in video Opistognathidae 504 22 1.
Predation-induced morphological and behavioral defenses in a hard coral: implications for foraging behavior of coral-feeding butterflyfishes.
Comparative use of food and space by three Bahamian butterflyfishes.
This behavior is expressed especially well in tropical gobies (Gobiidae), wrasses (Labridae), and butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae).
The use of Butterflyfishes (Chaetodontidae) as bio--indicators of habitat structure and human disturbance.