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the fatty substance of milk from which butter is made

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ries (grams) (grams) [check] I Can't Believe It's 10 0 0 [check] [check] Not Butter Fat Free [check] [check] Promise Fat Free 10 0 0 [check] [check] Smart Beat Smart Squeeze 10 0 0 [check] [check] Smart Beat' 20 2 0 [check] [check] Fleischmann's Light 40 5 0 [check] [check] Benecol Light 50 5 0.
Feed one pound of grain per day for each pound of butter fat produced per week, or one pound grain daily for each three pounds of milk.
5g fat Higher in cholesterol-raising saturated fat than most chocolate bars as it contains added butter fat.
They have twice the butter fat of normal milk so once we experimented we could get really creamy ice-cream.
Skim the butter fat from the top and strain the clear yellow liquid into a container.
These US moves were part of a move to shift the emphasis of dairy support for farm incomes away from the skim milk component of milk and towards butter fat.
The scientist, whose favourite ice cream is egg and bacon flavour, unveiled the formula of water, sugar, butter fat and liquid nitrogen before a seminar dedicated to ice cream.
It is globally established that product made without milk and butter fat is not termed as ice cream rather it is called as "Frozen Desert" or "Melorine".
It's not sherbet, which contains butter fat; there is no milk and no butter fat in sorbet.
The finer grind is more ideal as a feed supplement to increase butter fat and proteins in dairy production.