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a hill that rises abruptly from the surrounding region

a town in southwestern Montana

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Trustees approved a separate $52,000 contract with Water and Environmental Technologies of Butte to provide storm water engineering, design, review of Shaw Sports Turf field plans, and support to the turf company and its contractors.
The boom times when Butte was the largest city between Minneapolis and Seattle are gone, but its rich history and raucous reputation draw droves each year for the Montana Folk Festival, daredevils gathering for Evel Knievel Days and the street-spilling parties of St.
SeaCast's Butte operation has supplied GE Aviation for several years, producing tubes and ducts for such engines as the GE90 and GEnx high-thrust models for large commercial jetliners.
STRIDE, which is a standards-based informatics platform supporting clinical and translational research, is where the patient information was de-identified under protocols, says Butte.
The gold piece, called Butte Nugget because the seller discovered it on public land in Butte County, sold a day after it was put on public auction on Thursday.
Butte prides itself in providing members the best possible financial services," Butte CEO David Morgan said.
The event will begin at the main Spencer Butte parking lot at the top of Willamette Street.
All 14 Butte Community Bank branches were purchased by Rabobank, National Association of El Centro, for USD425.
5, Charlie Richmond, National Forests, effectively ended the process whereby CBMR (Crested Butte Mountain Resort) was making application to expand on Snodgrass Mountain across the valley.
By adding our latest solar arrays, Butte College is now the largest 'solar' college campus in California.
Results--The Turtle Butte Formation consists of approximately 22.
Saddleback Butte State Park is at Avenue J and 170th Street East.
Our relationship with Bear Butte predates Meade County.
Readers will discover the fascinating and multifaceted story of Crested Butte which originally attracted coal miners, along with many great details of that history, as well as all of the dangers the area's business encountered.
George Mulcaire-Jones, president and founder of Maternal Life International of Butte, Montana, from an August 11-17, 2002 National Catholic Register article.