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2008) quantified land cover around Buteo nests in Cimarron and Texas counties in Oklahoma, but did not include the Rita Blanca National Grassland, an area of high nesting density of ferruginous hawks.
Buteo lineatus 12 0 Buteo jamaicensis (borealis) 50 39 Buteo regalis 0 0 Buteo cf.
First record of interspecific cartwheeling between large raptors: Buteo poecilochrous and Geranoaetus melanoleucus.
EX-LEEDS BOSS: Howard Wilkinson; THROUGH THE RANKS: (clockwise from top) Kewell skips past Jamie Redknapp, Marco Materazzi and David Unsworth,in action for Australia against Iran, with then Australia coach Terry Venables,and playing Sub-; buteo
The following sections present an overview of the species, a description of its flight style, notes on size and shape, plumages, geographic variation (including, in most cases, notes on their known subspecies and even color morphs for species geographically variable such as the Red-tailed Hawk, Buteo jamaicensis).
brasiliensis (Baker, 1962; Wilkins, 1989, Byre, 1990; Hoetker and Gobalet, 1999): Accipiter cooperii (Cooper's hawk); Accipiter striatus (sharp-shinned hawk); Athene cumcularia (burrowing owl); Bubo virginianus (great horned owl); Buteo jamaicensis (red-tailed hawk); Buteo siuainsoni (Swainson's hawk); Circus cyaneus (northern harrier); F.
Movements of radio-tagged common buzzards Buteo buteo in their first year.
Estimating core ranges: a comparison of techniques using the common buzzard Buteo buteo.
Muscovy duck Cairina moschata Mallard Anas platyrhynchos Greater scaup Aythya marila Tufted duck Aythya fuligula Common merganser Mergus merganser Smew Mergus albellus Falconiformes Common buzzard Buteo buteo Rough-legged hawk Buteo lagopus Peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus Galliformes Common peafowl Pavo cristatus Domestic chicken Gallus gallus Charadriiformes (herring gull) Larus argentatus Strigiformes (eagle owl) Bubo bubo Passeriformes (Eurasian magpie) Pica pica All birds No.
Comparative studies in other members of the genera Aquila and Buteo reported intestinal morphologic peculiarities shared by both genera that may differentiate the family Accipitriformes from closely related families such as Falconiformes.
ACCIPITRIDAE -- Real: Ictinia plumbea, Buteo magnirostris; Null: Leptodon cayanensis, Rostrhamus sociabilis, R.
Respuesta conductual de la migracion de tres especies de aves (Cathartes aura, Buteo swainsoni y Buteo platypterus) a la Central Eolica La Venta II, en tres temporadas consecutivas.
Consider, for example, this passage from John Muir's The story of my boyhood and youth (1913): "When I went to the stable to feed the horses, I noticed a big white-breasted hawk [most likely a red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis], on a tall oak in front of our chicken house, evidently waiting for a chicken breakfast .
Key words: pharmacokinetics, antifungal, voriconazole, avian, raptor, red-tailed hawk, Buteo jamaicensis
Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalenis) hunts a Eurasian Buzzard (Buteo buteo vulpinus) while in migration over Eilat, Israel.