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Because the propane, butanes, and other hydrocarbons in the air matched the composition of LPG, Blake and Rowland concluded that the hydrocarbons came from leaking canisters.
The estimate and forecast analysis was further validated with C-level executives of major companies operating in the global butanes market through means of primary research.
The growing demand for LPG from residential and commercial sectors where it is mainly used as a domestic fuel is the major factor driving the market for butanes.
This facility is capable of handling butanes and butane blending, and has the ability for truck off-loading.
The new lateral will also offer the ability to deliver other liquid products such as butanes and natural gasoline from Enterprise's storage facilities into the TEPPCO system at reduced flow rates until enhancements can be made.
In addition, Enterprise will increase its capacity to fractionate, or separate, mixed butanes by approximately 20 MBPD, giving the partnership the capability to fractionate up to 300 MBPD of imported mixed butanes, domestic butanes and butanes sourced from the partnership's isomerization facilities at its Mont Belvieu facility.
Prior to the expansion, the Norco fractionator had an effective capacity to fractionate about 53,000 barrels of mixed NGLs per day due to the composition of mixed NGLs being delivered to the facility (high percentages of butanes and natural gasoline).