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However, the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) began increasing butane gas imports from Saudi Arabia and Algeria after the riots began, though no delivery dates were given.
Roger Clapham, defending, told the court that Fothergill had been drinking with a friend and started sniffing butane gas after experiencing "a bad time".
Another 25-year-old girl explained that after waiting several hours, she was unable to get her hand on a butane gas cylinder after they ran out.
Diesel went up LL400 and butane gas increased by LL500.
KUWAIT, March 2 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) announced in a press statement on Monday its March prices for propane and butane gas.
Hail city has registered a third death from butane gas or "laughing gas.
Flogas Britain has announced a voluntary recall of butane gas cylinders bought from Budget Bottle Gas Ltd, based in Forth Street, Bootle, "due to potentially serious health and safety issues".
Algeria and Tanzania also plan to set up joint ventures for electricity and butane gas distribution, APS said.
HAKKARy (CyHAN)- A group whose face covered with traditional bandage intended to inactivate a surveillance camera system with a big and a little butane gas tubes after ignited them with Molotov cocktail in eastern Turkish city of Hakkari.
According to latest official statistics, Banagas produced more than 182,000 metric tons and exported 81,600 metric tons of propane gas, 99,200 metric tons of butane gas and 179.
The different types of petroleum gases that Japan imported from the GCC were liquefied natural gas, liquefied propane gas and liquefied butane gas.
A MAN who died after inhaling butane gas was "experimenting" and "tried too much", his inquest heard.
The 26-year-old skipper of the dredger Eshcol and his 21-year-old crewman had lit a butane gas cooker in the wheelhouse to warm the sleeping area.
Adding households to the gas grid will enable consumers to cut back on their use of state-subsidised butane gas, according to an e-mailed statement from the petroleum ministry.
A TEENAGER'S tragic death from inhaling butane gas has led to action against the Teesside shop which sold it to her.