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Synonyms for business

Synonyms for business

commercial, industrial, or professional activity in general

the commercial transactions of customers with a supplier

something that concerns or involves one personally

something to be done, considered, or dealt with

Synonyms for business

the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects

a rightful concern or responsibility

an immediate objective

customers collectively

Related Words

incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect

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It is the latest innovative program Visa is using to provide small business owners with opportunities and insight that will further grow their business," said Jon Raj, vice president of advertising and emerging media platforms, Visa USA.
Like many small business owners, Hail blames the Bush administration for the economy's weakness.
Our conference addresses the needs of both aspiring and established women business owners and delivers strategies for succeeding in a highly-competitive market," said Michelle Richards, Executive Director of CEED and MWBC President.
9 million small business owners in America, an estimated 75% of them do not know how much their business is worth.
One of my favorite chapters covers retirement planning for small business owners.
This woman is typical of the business owners we deal with every day," says Ritter.
Table 1 represents the combined responses of the attorneys and small business owners on the question of availability and adequacy of business legal services across South Dakota.
In addition to publishing, The Business Owner, LLC provides merger and acquisitions, business brokerage and business valuation services through related entities.
Other candidates on the ballot for three seats include business owner Shawny Barcelona, parent and business owner Kathleen Edwards, Tim Murphy, Tim Dura, Terry Maness, homemaker Anthonette Vidal, business owner and Palmdale planning commissioner Robert Bo Bynum, businesswoman and education fund- raiser Sandy Corrales, and air traffic controller Stanley Faulk.
As the new editor of the Enterprise department and coordinator for the November 2000 small business issue, Paula McCoy-Pinderhughes eagerly brings her experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner to the table.
The Business Owner's Asset Protection Kit from Guardian Publishing offers strategies for business owners to shield their company and personal savings from lawsuits, taxes, bankruptcy and divorce.
Strauss, a small business owner himself, is the president of The Strauss Group, Inc: Strauss Law Firm, Strauss Seminar Co.
I think the Telecom Act has probably created procurement opportunities, but as far as becoming a PCS carrier, for example, it's very tough for a minority business owner because you are competing with some of the largest companies in the world for capital to purchase a PCS license," says Adams.
In a hearing on the "Taxpayer's Bill of Rights II" in the Senate Subcommittee on IRS Oversight, NAPE President Larry Coble said, "The typical small business owner is easy prey for the deathgrip tactics of the IRS; tax collectors can make or break the unsuspecting small business owner with complex rules, impossible deadlines and no way to fight back.
A small business owner seizes upon an opportunity for business growth and moves into areas where they have limited or no experience.
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