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a name given to a product or service

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Registration and publication of a fictitious business name through the SunDoc Filings service takes 5-6 weeks.
You only need to register a business name if you are trading under a name that is not your own.
Additional paid services are also offered, including research into trademarks, state business registries, available domain names and competitors' business names.
ALARGE companies, often represented by expensive city law firms, will sometimes try to assert a greater monopoly over the use of a business name or style than the law permits.
One winner from each of the 13 regions will be chosen to battle it out for the national title of Yell 'Best Business Name 2005'.
A business name mustn't be offensive or give a false impression of what your business does.
Yellow Pages, I'm pleased to say, turned out not to disappoint last week, with the announcement of their Best Business Names award 2004.
Now the 61-year-old is concerned that a bogus plumber has been using his business name.
In March 1993, the state board of accountancy ordered Carberry either to stop using the word accounting in his business name or to add a disclaimer that he is not licensed by the state.
Each company page of analysis is also packed with the following information: Full business name and address, Names and ages of directors, contact details and website address, seven unique charts showing at a glance the performance of each company, averages for the industry are also shown indicating the bare minimum each company should be looking to achieve, and five years of the latest accounts available.
com is already using Checkmarks' trademark search service to provide the trademark status of new business names submitted on their business name contests.
Business name holders can now also add their Australian Business Number (ABN) External link to their registration using ASIC Connect.
Choose a good business name and register it to obtain your Master Business License, which you can use to open a bank account.
A COVENTRY dry cleaning firm has won through to the national finals in the search by Yellow Pages to find Britain's best business name.
Coventry dry cleaner Wish You Wash Here has emerged as the West Midlands regional winner in a national search by Yellow Pages to find Britain's Best Business Name.
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