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a graduate school offering study leading to a degree of Master in Business Administration

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A student who finishes the associate degree requirements in the associate of applied business degree in business-management technology at Eastern Gateway Community College will be admitted into Kent State s bachelor of technical and applied studies in applied business program with junior status.
If you are over 21 years old, or have been out of education for three or more years, and are thinking about returning to education to study a business degree, then you may not need any qualifications.
This business degree is not just a traditional business degree but an experiential degree which means each student learns by doing.
Dubai The Higher Education Landscape in Dubai 2011 shows 40 per cent of Dubai's 43,212 students are enrolled in business degrees.
Stairs now is majoring in business law at Los Angeles Valley College and plans to pursue a business degree.
The 25-year-old, who studied a business degree in the Welsh city, is making huge waves on London's Stock Exchange.
Rankine started the organization after an unexpected turn playing in a charity tennis event made her realize she could combine her business degree and her love of tennis for a good cause.
In 1952, after receiving a business degree from City College of New York, Morty joined Alfred and became president after his father and Alfred owner, Sam Manus, retired.
After graduating in 1989 from the University of Tulsa with a business degree, he sold life insurance before moving back to Little Rock to work with his father at Norman Capital Management.
Kim, 25, is from Aberystwyth, where she gained a business degree from the University of Wales before completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Public and Media Relations at Cardiff University's School of Journalism.
Julie Montanari has been knitting since 8 years old: with a math and business degree to her name, she obviously has also been continuing her knitting craft.
Business students at Northern College will be able to pursue a business degree internationally thanks to an agreement signed with an Australian university.
Amanda, currently manager of the Butler's Leap pub in Clifton Road, Rugby, said: "I first started working part-time at a bar in Birmingham whilst studying for my business degree and by the time I'd finished my studies I'd set my sights on a career in the licensed trade.
Michelle Simmonds, aged 30, from Bromham, Bedfordshire, with a business degree from St Andrew's University, was unsure whether Bach wrote Air on a G String, Breeze up a Bikini, Waft in the Y-fronts or Gust up a Gusset; asked the audience in which city Everton football club played, and wrongly said that a word linking a mammal with a high-ranking churchman was marsupial instead of primate.
He received a business degree at Sao Paulo's Pontificia Universidade Catolica, joined the marketing team at the leading Brazilian bank, Bradesco, then became advertising manager for the Folha media group.
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