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recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline


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The main difference in business cycles among these countries concerns the early 1990s recession.
Housing has played a major role since 2000 in shaping the business cycles of the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa.
Before tackling the issue of whether regional diffusion indexes have anything to do with business cycles, let us briefly review some important concepts that we shall use in our analysis.
Economists are split as to whether postwar business cycles were costly.
To support such a statement, not only does ABCT need to explain all business cycles, but all other business-cycle theories also have to be inconsistent with the ABCT.
In this article, I investigate the welfare cost of business cycles in an economy where households have heterogeneous trading technologies.
Given the financial cycle's ugly climax, governments should shift their focus from smoothing business cycles to preventing excessive debt, counsels the BIS.
The pay-for-performance analysis may yield either erroneous or controversial results if a comparison is made against peers that have different business cycles.
We can also observe that business cycle based asset allocation weighs vary considerably through all business cycles phases.
Do business cycles become less volatile and more synchronized across countries as the degree of financial integration increases?
New Actively Managed ETF Identifies Business Cycle Changes to Seek Returns in All Market Conditions
By synchronizing immigration inflows with business cycles, the United States would reduce the burden of increased competition on existing workers during recessions and increase opportunities for immigrants during economic expansions.
Transportation Indicators and Business Cycles by Kajal Lahiri is an interesting book at three levels.
Events over the past four years, we are told, demonstrate the need for a restoration of Keynesian thinking about business cycles and activist government policies to keep markets from failing, However, there is another aspect of Chicago School economics that is commonly overlooked.
We examine the role that household balance sheets have played in postwar business cycles and assess their importance in explaining why some recoveries, including the current one, have been weaker than others.