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It said retailers risked reputation and financial costs by not investing in business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
Karin Borchert, chief operations officer for Factiva, explains that the company's umbrella business continuity plan covers many scenarios that focus on specific operational locations, communication and recovery.
The team was charged with assessing information technology risks, physical risks, and risks from departmental procedures and processes, as well as overseeing the development of business continuity plans.
Thompson Hine, a law firm with approximately 350 lawyers and 600 support staff, sought a solution that would allow them to protect and manage data across its lifecycle, creating a centralized storage infrastructure to ensure business continuity.
PENREN also will use EMC's open management and business continuity software, and LEGATO's storage and e-mail management software.
From the recent blackout and the 9/11 attack to natural disasters and network viruses, business leaders have discovered that business continuity is no longer just about technology.
Disaster planning and business continuity plans also must take corporate ethics into account.
Accountants and auditors who want to participate or even head up the BCP in their companies need to be well educated about just what a comprehensive business continuity plan is.
Business continuity professionals around the world are invited to participate in the week by visiting the Global Business Continuity Awareness Week Web site at www.
Maggie Scarborough, research director at Financial Insights, agrees, and notes that despite this serious risk, only 30 to 40 percent of corporate treasuries have business continuity plans in place.
The combination of D2D backup arrays using full file format--instead of traditional methods of writing backup data--offers IT managers a dramatic improvement in maintaining business continuity and effectively eliminating the issue of data restoration altogether in favor of a new data protection model: data reacquisition.
The panelists discussed their roles in the business continuity planning process, how to design and implement a plan, lessons learned from Sept.
For some companies, being able to maintain business continuity is the difference between survival and bankruptcy.
Medaska advocates having a business continuity plan in place that can negate the effect of a terrorist attack, either direct or residual.
The increasing complexity of storage technologies, the unending surge in data growth and the unprecedented importance of data security and business continuity are but a few of the variables.
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