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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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MOL being well experienced in LNG business chain will give valuable contribution to the project during development of LNG Port, FSRU Construction and operation of LNG Terminals.
It holds a leading position in the entertainment industry with a complete vertically integrated business chain.
Sustainability works when the whole business chain recognizes its importance.
Says Nestle MD, Magdi Batato, in the Report, "At Nestle we recognize that our position in society brings with it a lot of responsibility we identify issues in the areas of nutrition, water and rural development and link them to our core value business chain to provide a better quality of life for the communities we operate in.
Work- ing closely with one or two links in the music business chain might create a cam- paign that benefits an artist or a label in the form of expo- sure or money, but will it be the kind of hard-working, carefully-tailored, multi- touchpoint campaign that the brand had in mind?
The company was also awarded Highly Commended in the Waitrose Way award for Treading Lightly for Carbon Reduction that celebrates suppliers' who enhance the sustainability of their part of the business chain.
If equipped with efficient global participation models the developing countries could strategically exploit this business chain for their advantage.
Effective use cases require thinking out of the box about how the unique characteristics of big data--real time, sentiment, predictive and mobility--can transform their business chain and processes strategically in premiums, claims, policyholder and producer engagement and satisfaction and, ultimately, in reputation and net income.
During the course of the three-day event, DWC said it plans to meet the entire real estate business chain and discuss in detail the next phase in its future developments.
managing director of Abu Dhabi-headquartered business chain Emke Group, which has more than 100 outlets in the region's retail sector, has topped the Arabian Business' Indian power list for the second year running.
A Hong Kong-based Apple spokesperson denied the claims in the report, saying that Apple "has a vigorous auditing program that investigates suppliers and other parts of the business chain.
As the owner of TD-SCDMA core patents, Leadcore plays a key role in the TD-SCDMA terminal business chain by offering our customers the highest performance chipsets and terminal system solution," said Lei Feng, Vice President of Leadcore.
15 September 2010 - Finnish food group HKScan Oyj (HEL: HKSAV) said today that it plans to reduce the equivalent of roughly 250 jobs throughout the entire business chain of its subsidiary HKScan Finland by the end of 2011.
You believe that you're contained, even if you're a local coffee shop, and then you start to dissect your so-called business chain, your supply chain.
Cardiff can attract those companies to Wales that benefit the small business chain.
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