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a card on which are printed the person's name and business affiliation

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Both the "Social" and "Professional" versions will enable users to send and receive business cards just by touching phones or scanning QR codes.
com)-- Netedex is a smart card and mobile application that allows simple, personalized, secure and paper free business card sharing.
DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this Invitation to Bid (ITB) is to obtain a contractor to provide Business Cards and Pocket Cards for use by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.
A former Apple employee named after the company's rival is selling his business card on eBay.
CamCard does an amazing job scanning business cards but it's not always 100% accurate unfortunately.
Because they are a valuable marketing tool, company employees should have access to professionally designed business cards, especially if they attend events or engage with consumers on any level.
The nitty-gritty tasks of tax payments and purchase limits have been waived if you will rely on Visa Business cards.
The solution automatically transfers key information from business cards to the iPhone address book, enabling users to create new contact records and update existing ones.
Business cards displaying names and relevant information written vertically in Japanese ''kanji'' characters used to be the mainstay of the card industry.
If, for example, you meet someone -- say, another AD -- at a professional conference or regional meeting and simply exchange business cards or, say, you include one of your cards in a letter requesting more information or help from someone, that's networking.
Business cards are the original "leave-behind," designed to introduce you to potential clients and customers.
In need of those contact names or business cards left behind at the office or in another coat pocket?
The CD business cards look similar to traditional business cards and are presented in clear vinyl sleeves.
The days of handing out traditional business cards and collateral material are gone," said Mike Myatt, director of Internet Services at 3D Solutions.
We knew that the Japanese would look at and feel our business cards with close attention.
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