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  • noun

Synonyms for expansion

Synonyms for expansion

the act of increasing in dimensions, scope, or inclusiveness

a wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

Synonyms for expansion

the act of increasing (something) in size or volume or quantity or scope

a function expressed as a sum or product of terms

a discussion that provides additional information

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In Asia and emerging countries in other regions, the Group will aggressively expand the businesses in which our strengths lie and accelerate the business expansion being implemented under "Project AP-G 2013" to fully take on the growing demands.
that showed business expansion in Southern California fell an annual 27.
For more than 20 years, Loel has designed and implemented sales and financial procedures for travel-industry companies that have resulted in significant business expansions.
Last year across the six county region from Ventura to San Diego counties, the LAEDC logged 252 major business expansions -- leases of at least $1 million or a building of at least 20,000 square feet -- 96 fewer than in 2004.
Fairfield County is enjoying a period of sustained economic growth characterized by low unemployment, business expansions and the completion of key infrastructure improvements to its transportation network.
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