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the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to retrieve and store and transmit information

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In Advantage Business Computer Systems BuildNet has found another community of sophisticated software users eager for e-commerce connectivity," said Ross Elliott, Vice President of BuildNet's Commerce Enablement Group.
Business Computer Systems understands their mission: Providing the best possible solutions to their clients' needs.
Cybercriminals are exploiting a critical hole in the internet, allowing them backdoor access to business computer systems in order to steal confidential data, it is claimed.
The Back-UPS RS 1200 and 1500 LCD offer high performance protection for your home and business computer systems.
The new facility offers students a space to get the hands-on training they need to earn an associate of applied science degree in business computer systems with a specialization in information security.
Co-founder of what's now a world-leading producer of business computer systems ringing up $13.
Acquiring a franchise is a great way for people to gain the skills they need to successfully open and operate a business, but it often requires "basic training" in business education--customer service, daily operations management, business computer systems, inventory control, costing and pricing, and meeting regulatory obligations--as well as specialized training for the goods, services, policies, and practices of the individual franchise system.
Other Asian companies have also picked up the baton with research into the interaction between humans and machines and how to manage the ubiquitous interconnected home and business computer systems that will become the norm in the next few years.
I suggest finding a local dealer who specializes in custom-designed business computer systems with a proven reputation.
However, almost daily you read how home and small business computer systems stay vulnerable simply because so many don't have anti-virus update schedules firmly in place.
Ruben Roy, who is studying business computer systems at Seneca College, was very happy there was a career fair aimed at the Aboriginal job-seekers.
JENNIFER KREIE, PhD, is an assistant professor of accounting and business computer systems at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces.
Respondents reported that employee training diminished crimes and computer abuse, such as harassment via e-mail and personal use of business computer systems.
A large computer manufacturer, for example, created an expert system to advise service personnel on how to set up and configure complicated business computer systems to best fulfill customer needs.
later Legacy Storage Systems), a manufacturer of small business computer systems which played a significant role in the development of data storage products.
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