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recurring fluctuations in economic activity consisting of recession and recovery and growth and decline


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The business climate indicator in construction dropped by 3.
In wholesaling the business climate indicator deteriorated slightly.
Denmark has been adjudged special for its business climate that is extremely positive.
As per the terms of the agreement, the Bretton Woods Institution will have a mission of accompanying and "coaching" in order to significantly enhance the business climate in Algeria.
Further, this increase in company registrations speaks to the current positive business climate in the country, and is a positive leading indicator for business activity over the next year.
With the Social Business Climate Innovation Fund, Professor Yunus and his team are responding to one of the biggest challenges currently facing us, climate change," says Sophie Eisenmann, co-founder and CFO of Yunus Social Business.
The experience of the investments of Kromberg & Schubert and Draxlmaier is very positive and their business plans reveal their intention to expend which is evidence of the favorable business climate the Government creates," Prime Minister Gruevski said and added that Macedonia had also been recognized as a favorable business destination over the past couple of years by Johnson Controls, Kemet Electronics, Windtech International, Protek Group and many other companies.
The latest TIER Index of Business Climate for Taiwan's manufacturing industries issued for August surges to a three-month high of 90.
A A A The Macedonian official said that his country has undertaken a series of reforms to improve business climate and investment attractiveness, underlining that the World Bank has ranked Macedonia 3rd reformer in the world.
In July 2009, the total business climate indicator decreased by 1.
When the leaders of some of the most powerful countries in the world met in Australia for APEC 2007 and issued the Sydney declaration on the environment (see right), titled 'Strengthening our community, building a sustainable future', Climate Change awareness group Business Climate International (BCI) was already well down the track in organising a major forum on the all-important topic.
In June the composite indicator business climate in construction increases by 4.
If welfare-to-work is to be a success, we must be successful in achieving a strong and healthy business climate.
March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Michigan small business owners say the state's overall business climate is improving.
E[acute accent]Although the Foundation does not advocate policy positions, Clevey says greater attention needs to be paid to entrepreneurial education, economic development strategy, access to capital, technology commercialization and developing a business climate that nurtures entrepreneurs.
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