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a disparaging term for an unsophisticated person


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a Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War

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Simplifications of the regular military experience like this occasionally betray Beilein's shallow dive into conventional military history beyond Missouri, but within his field of expertise and the scope of his primary argument, Bushwhackers is a welcome addition to the historiography of the American Civil War.
The inclusion of a selection of field recordings, a variety of interpretations of them, and other items from the musical Reedy River and original recordings by the Bushwhackers is a masterstroke.
and for them this general principle is laid down: In districts and neighborhoods where the army is unmolested, no destruction of such property should be permitted; but should guerrillas or bushwhackers molest our march, or should the inhabitants burn bridges, obstruct roads, or otherwise manifest local hostility, then army commanders should order and enforce a devastation more or less relentless, according to the measure of such hostility.
They told how O'Hara bought them Jagerbombs in Birmingham's Bushwhackers club last Saturday night before inviting them back to the nearby Malmaison Hotel.
But once war had gripped the country, these dense woods of oak, tulip poplar, pine, and hemlock became the dens of men who owed little loyalty to either side--opportunistic and often brutal outlaws and bushwhackers who preyed on defenseless civilians.
Nil Nil Satis remain at the top of their respective league, despite a good win from Bushwhackers who beat former champs Livo Lads to go second.
95) tells of two ex-Confederate bushwhackers who became the most famous outlaws in the world - and the events that brought their actions to the limelight.
But after witnessing the killing of his best friend's father by jayhawkers, he joins the bushwhackers and spends the next two years in skirmishes with Union irregulars and raids against Union-sympathizing civilians.
264) The circumstances and motives for these killings are mostly lost, with the exception of one particularly savage 1864 incident when a group of black people trying to escape slavery were caught by men dressed in Federal uniforms and thought to be disguised bushwhackers.
Proffit, writing to his sister Louisa in Wilkes County in 1863, noted, "I have been told that the country is full of deserters and no effort is being made to arrest them, but that they are more highly respected than a soldier who is toiling and fighting to redeem their country from chains and Slavery" (61) Notice that Proffit's indignant tone arises from his association of deserters with bushwhackers and the contrast of his duty to their lack of it.
I used to stay up late to watch the Royal Rumbles and WrestleMania and can still remember my favourites - 'Macho Man' Randy Savage, the Legion of Doom and The Bushwhackers.
As testament to the significance of psychedelic drug use among many of the Silicon Valley bushwhackers, Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple Computers, maintains that taking LSD was one of the two or three most important things he has ever done (Markoff 2005: xix).
In opposition to the Jayhawkers, Missourians retaliated with violence by employing bands of raiding militia called bushwhackers.
Rightly or wrongly this "passion" became synonymous with outfits like the Bushwhackers and The F Troop - organised hooligans who dragged the club's name through the mud with explosions of violence like the riot seen in the sixth round of the FA Cup in 1985 at Luton's Kenilworth Road.
The documents, many never published before, are grouped in chapters on slavery in Missouri, division of the state, battles, civilians coping with the war, bushwhackers and jayhawkers, emancipation, and reconciliation.