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a disparaging term for an unsophisticated person


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a Confederate guerrilla during the American Civil War

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The inclusion of a selection of field recordings, a variety of interpretations of them, and other items from the musical Reedy River and original recordings by the Bushwhackers is a masterstroke.
The documents, many never published before, are grouped in chapters on slavery in Missouri, division of the state, battles, civilians coping with the war, bushwhackers and jayhawkers, emancipation, and reconciliation.
Ben Culkin, 33, from Chester-le-Street, now makes his living gigging around the North East with Blues band, The Bushwhackers.
Now we have Bushwhackers Day twice a year, and more than 25 percent of the staff participates each time.
The Fair and Balanced PAC was founded by Mike Lux, a Democratic political strategist, with the help of the Progressive Majority and Bushwhackers.
The hooliganism problem of the time, which had chosen soccer grounds as its base, was spiraling out of control, with most teams being following by gangs with names such as the Inter City Firm, the Bushwhackers and the Service Crew.
The bushwhackers "speak what terrible language [they] will": "Though you understand it not yourselves, no matter, for we must not seem to understand him, unless some one among us, whom we must produce for an interpreter" (4.
With a striking look that belies its digital video origins and a ferociously good cast that includes Frank Harper as the Chelsea Headhunters' vicious yesterday's man, newcomer Tamer Hassan as leader of the Millwall Bushwhackers and Human Traffic's Danny Dyer as a twentyish Chelsea hooligan, the film has, he says 'become the bible of football hooliganism.
Former WWF champions The Bushwhackers and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine will be among the stars from the United States.
But for all this, plus the splendid range of restaurants and unstinting friendliness, one of the best experiences by far is a night-time barbecue on the Coral Cove beach, hosted by a couple of way-out bushwhackers called Scott and Mick.
The names of the more prominent bushwhackers are as follows: William Patrick, Chas.
What he calls "the forces of 'modernism'" are "the Snopeses, the pure exploiters, descendants of barn-burners and bushwhackers, of people outside of society, belonging to no side, living in a kind of limbo, not even having the privilege of damnation, reaching their apotheosis in Flem Snopes, who becomes a bank president in Jefferson" (p.
3) For example, the technique of employing explanatory text in the film's opening frames was used to introduce the central conflict between the Bushwhackers and Jayhawkers at the beginning of Lee's American Civil War drama Ride With the Devil.
Hulk Hogan, the Ultimate Warrior and the Bushwhackers were just some of the Sky Blues ace's idols whilst growing up in Malta.
Ben, 33, now makes his living gigging around the North East with Blues band, The Bushwhackers.