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a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure


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The Sydney priest whose name was and still is associated with the Catholic Bushwalking Club (hereafter CBC) is that of Father Richard Bede Coughlan.
The night before, at a party Jamie threw for his search volunteers, he told how he wandered in and out of the search area but failed to find his rescuers until, close to death on the 12th day, he stumbled into the camp of a bushwalking couple.
He got a taste for exotic travel when he went bushwalking in the Blue Mountains.
Novotel Barossa Valley Resort offers a range of outdoor team building activities designed to push delegates' limits including abseiling, bushwalking, or challenging themselves on the 200 metre flying fox, the 10 meter high abseiling rock wall on the banks of the North Para River or the 50 metre burma cable bridge over the Para River.
bushwalking, working with machines and tools (Realistic [R]); doing all kinds of experiments (Investigative [I]); acting in plays (Artistic [A]); helping others (Social [5]); managing other people (Enterprising [E]); and doing office work (Conventional [C]).
The Blue Mountains also offer spectacular views and isolated bushwalking.
Australian for walking: Crocodile Dundee-types might want to check out Bushwalking in Australia (www.
The 23-year-old graduate blindly wandered a mountain for six hours when fog suddenly closed in during his bushwalking trip in Albany, Western Australia.
Framlingham is investigating ways to promote the cultural and ecological importance of Deen Maar through activities such as bushwalking, bird-watching and whale watching.
These four proposals are all for multi-day guided bushwalking experiences in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.
Dalton and Bates did not return from the day-long bushwalking on Saturday.
Wade's family moved back to Western Australia where he began bushwalking, mountain climbing and canoeing the Canning River, south west forests and north to the Fitzroy River.
Known as "The Prom" among Victorians, it is one of the most popular National Parks in Victoria not only for family camping at the town of Tidal River but also for more serious overnight bushwalking, now often renamed as "backpacking" following the cultural logic of North American outdoor education and recreation.
See extensive discussion on the 1932 decisions by Myles Dunphy and the Sydney Bushwalkers Club to set severe limits on membership, based on walking ability and 'sociability', in Melissa Harper, 'The battle for the bush: bushwalking vs hiking between the wars', Journal of Australian Studies, June 1995, no.