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a member of the race of nomadic hunters and gatherers who live in southern Africa

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a dweller in the Australian bush country

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We really haven't had much research looking at video games, which are an increasingly popular form of entertainment," notes Bushman, who maintains the implications for companies are clear.
National Storage Tank called us and asked us to put the word out to accredited sanctuaries and rescues in northern California that they had water tanks to donate on a semi-regular basis starting with a 5050 Gallon Bushman tank.
Dr Boyd Bushman, who had a few defence-related patents under his name, described what he knew about the existence - and the interaction with us as well - of the aliens in a 33-minute video interview.
In the bushman culture, a brother or uncle goes to a girl's father to arrange for a meeting between him and the prospective groom.
People can relate to this idea that when they get hungry, they get cranky," said US lead researcher Dr Brad Bushman, from Ohio State University.
These results are the first to link avatar race in violent video games to later aggression, Brad Bushman, co-author of the study and professor of communication and psychology at The Ohio State University, said.
This is a real bush story about a real bushman who leads a solitary and simple life as a timber getter in an Australian forest.
In the first part, he challenges classical liberalism's paradigm of the good life, draws on personal struggles and the San Bushman to explain how he came to what he calls the mandala of primal politics, which he formally proposes.
Readers follow Harold's artistic journey through his city's beatnik era with repeated references to Bushman, a now-deceased giant gorilla he and best friend Geet had visited in the zoo.
To the /Gwi Bushman, such a ring was a sign that food will be plentiful.
So, it would cost four shillings for a license to shoot a kudu, three shillings for a bushman woman, and five shillings for a bushman," she added.
Michael Wessels se Bushman letters: interpreting /Xam narrative (2010), verskyn teen hierdie agtergrond--asof dit 'n antwoord op Solomon se oproep is, maar ook baie kort op die hakke van Shane Moran, sy Natalse kollega in Durban aan die Universiteit van Kwazulu-Natal, se uitdagende Representing Bushmen: South African and the origin of language (2009).
Prior to his fame in the United States, Taibosh toured the world as the "Wild Dancing Bushman.